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graphics + media gone viral.

Social Media

the sound of sanders // viral video

Role: Editing & Concept
DESCRIPTION: The ‘Sound of Sanders’ was made during the 2016 Presidential Primaries. The video was created in a ‘meme-like’ style, using footage from the Brooklyn Democratic Debate, along with the already glorified meme soundtrack, ‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel.
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fractal fest 2015 // promo video

Role: Editing & Concept
DESCRIPTION: This promo video for Fractal Fest 2015, an electronic music festival in upstate NY, was produced utilizing multiple layers of digital processing and sound design. At its core the concept and desired outcome was to create a seamless blend of naturalistic and digital elements.  There was no shortage of beautiful footage, including behind-the-scenes production shots and serene arboreal atmosphere, present on the festival grounds.
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penn vet: one health // mini doc

Role: Interview Videographer, Art Direction, Editing & Motion Graphics.
DESCRIPTION: This mini doc was created for One Health, an initiative created at Penn Vet (Univ. of Penn’s Veterinary school of Medicine). One Health’s mission is to educate people on the relation between animal health & diseases, and how they can directly effect the environment and our own well-being. Moreover, the video was used as a promotional tool to entice prospective students, and donors for fundraising purposes. Since the release of the video, PennVet’s message has spread from the internet, onto a cable network reality-show. ‘Life at VetU’ recently premiered on Animal Planet, and features many of the topics and locations that were mentioned in this video.